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Buying a Home

From the Offer to Possession is usually two to three weeks in duration. Throughout this time, all of the paperwork is completed, financing is approved, and other conditions in the Offer are satisfied, to firm up the deal.

To close the home purchase we:

Ensuring all paperwork is accurate & done in a timely fashion
Give regular reports and progress updates on the closing transactions are given
Immediately start working with you to complete terms and conditions you are required to fulfill so you meet the deadlines.
As conditions are met, waivers stating that the condition has been satisfied are signed by you, the buyer.
After all of the conditions are satisfied, your lawyer begins working on the paperwork and documentation to transfer the property to you as the new owner on possession day.
Ensure financial adjustments are made for the buyer and seller. An example is Property Tax adjustments

In closing, the mortgage documents must be drawn up, your lawyer will request the cash to close from you, and we will prepare and have you sign any paperwork required. Title is transferred into your name from the seller's name, and you have yourself a new home.

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