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The offer contains important details and legal implications. If signed, it is a legally binding contract. I represent you and look out for your best interests.


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Laura Oyen
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Getting an Offer on your home is very exciting. When an Offer comes in, it must be in writing and signed by the buyer. I diligently review the Offer with you, taking the time to properly evaluate the terms and conditions , taking your unique personal situation into account. As the vender you can accept, reject, or counter the Offer. If a response is not given by the expiry time, the Offer dies automatically.

When receiving An Offer

  • I ensure you understand everything in the offer, as well as the consequences of accepting certain conditions the purchaser has set out.
  • Together we analyze the offered price based on your selling criteria.
  • I actively become involved in the negotiations.
  • We discuss whether any additional terms or conditions are required in the offer.
  • I ensure all information and details contained in the contract is 100% accurate and correct . Mistakes and omissions may result in a void contract, give the buyer an "out" of the deal or allow the buyer to ask for a price reduction.
  • I will safeguard you against conditions that could bring the selling price even lower than the offered price.
  • Keep in mind price is still negotiable. I try to achieve a Win-Win outcome
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