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"I am a Pricing Professional. Let me help. Fill out the Home Evaluation Form to for your property's value. I do a pricing analysis, then consult with you on the results."

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Laura Oyen
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Properly pricing your home when selling depends on many important factors. Housing prices can rise or fall in just a few weeks. Interest rates, international current affairs, oil prices and local events can all affect the housing industry. Analyzing these and other factors that affect your selling price, requires skill and knowledge of the real estate industry.
Benefits of Properly Pricing:
  1. Properly priced homes generally sell more quickly then when the home is incorrectly or improperly priced.
  2. Many times offered price is closer to the listed price.
  3. You avoid expired listings. Some buyers believe expires indicate the home was over- priced to begin with or that there is something wrong with the home.
  4. Price reducing is avoided in the "Selling Strategy" when you price properly.
  5. Ironically, some homes on the market too long , end up selling even below their calculated fair market value.
  6. Avoid discouraging potential purchasers who think the home is out of their reach.
  7. Larger target market of potential buyers.
  8. Family inconveniences do not have to go on any longer than necessary.
  9. Make informed pricing decisions. The potential exists to undervalue your property as well.
*(1997) Based on Close Transactions
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